Wednesday, June 27th, at 6:00 pm

At this meeting, we held space for members to discuss West End Food Co-op, the closure of our store and kitchen operations on July 31st, and allowed time for any other questions. 

Minutes from the meeting are now available below.

We will postpone our AGM and election of new board members to September. A notice will be sent out with more details to members by mid-August.

Agenda for meeting:

  • Changes in the retail landscape from 2012-2018
  • The big picture of West End Food Co-op's financial situation
  • How we arrived at the decision to close the store and kitchen on July 31st, 2018
  • Plans for the future
  • Question and Answer

The minutes from this meeting will be available to read mid-July. We hope to answer as many of the questions as possible in an additional Q&A at the end of the minutes. In the meantime, any specific questions, concerns, or suggestions can be sent to

Role of members going forward:

As a membership-based organization, we rely on our various stakeholder groups to strengthen and enable our work. Historically this has been through organizational visioning, volunteering within our programs and services, financial investment, introduction to organizational partners and partnership opportunities, and through participation on the Board and in the election process.

We are entering a period that will open up many of these and other opportunities for participation. You can expect to hear from us soon with specific updates for ways of tapping into our new efforts. If you are interested in joining the Board for the upcoming term, elections have been moved to September and, again, we will send out a notice in due time. If you’re eager to contribute to strategic visioning or membership engagement sooner than that, we encourage you to get in touch with the Executive Committee of the Board at

Future of the West End Food Co-op:

In the next year, the Board of Directors will be in a position to focus on strategic visioning and operational development for West End Food Co-op. Our dedication to the community is unchanged. We know that amidst the many external pressures we are experiencing, there are also new opportunities to provide services and programs in Parkdale that address the many gaps created by the dominant food system. We don’t need to tell you that Parkdale is also changing rapidly. We are confident that our deep roots and strong relationships here will enable us to contribute to new projects meaningfully.

To this end, in the early fall, the volunteer Board of Directors’ focus will shift from winding down our Queen St W operations to developing new programs that serve our mission, vision, and values. Amongst other ideas, we will explore building new community programs, as well as redeveloping wholesale and catering production streams to offer prepared foods in a scalable way.

Minutes: WEFC Special General Members Meeting 27 June 2018.pdf